Marriage is one of such important events where every family member meets for a get-together, having fun and many more. Especially marriage in India follows some rituals which itself have great importance and fun too. Each ceremony has its own cultural relevance and significance. Weddings in India vary place to place, region wise. Hindu have their own rituals, Sikh has their own and many more. Everyone has their favorite ones but maximum will agree that Mehendi is the most exciting and fun having function where women singing folk songs, dancing and enjoying themselves.

Mehendi is a ceremonial art in the wedding specially. Each ritual of an Indian wedding not only have a cultural reference but also have a scientific reason too. In the case of Mehendi, scientifically Mehendi has the cooling property. So when it is applied to the arms and legs, it makes the person stress free and makes them happy despite having so much crazy wedding preparations. Culturally it is a part of the “solah shringaar” of the bride and a sign of good look. Even the groom is supposed to find his initials or his name that has been hidden in the bride’s mehendi. The faster it takes the more understanding will be there between them. Even other women of the family get the mehendi on their hands depending on their preferences which are also a sign of celebration.

Previously, this Mehendi function was limited to the women but nowadays the trends are changing. Both the bride and groom’s family take part and celebrate it with both men and women in attendance. Since all of the family members take part, so it becomes an important asset for everyone to be entertained with different ideas like playing different fun games, dancing, singing and many more. There are really some fun activities that are trending with new ideas and will make your Mehendi more fun. ⮚ Antakshari: From kids to elders, each and everyone loves this game equally. The moment when a group of people meets, the first thing that comes in mind to play is antakshari. Many might not be a good singer but that will be even more interesting. These sangeet games for audience games for Mehendi function makes more entertained. These games make excitement about the songs, the singing voice everything.

⮚ Pass the pillow or Truth or Dare: This is one of those games in which each and everyone tries to make fun of others. Whether it is a dance task or telling any truth everything becomes very exciting. This game became famous after Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit starring film “Hum Apke Hain Kaun”. Every participant tries not to have their chance but more than that they participate to have some fun and entertainment.

⮚ Tug of war: This game defines which side is stronger. Only that is needed is a long rope, which is being held by either side. The best experience would be when one side would be of the bride’s family and the other one would be the groom’s one. Make a video of that for future entertainment. Even the group boys and a group of girls makes it more exciting. These create a lot of laughter, fun and happy chaos.

⮚ Musical chair: The name itself says what type of game it would be. All we need is to have some bumper gifts to make it more exciting and crowd-attracting one. Sometimes, one tries to injure others by pushing them. This gives them a better chance to sit in the chairs when the music stops. Round by round the chair gets decrease one by one and at last the winner gets an appreciation for his/her win.

⮚ Sack race: With this game, everyone will remind their childhood days. All is needed some sack, wear it and get ready for a great laughter show. Sometimes the sack gets a hole from the bottom which makes the environment even more laughable. Some gets fall down and some tries to go forward. These scenes make the function more memorable.

⮚ Lemon with a Spoon Race: Some bumper gifts are the things which will make these races or games more interesting ones. For a function like Mehendi, lemon with a spoon race acts as a cherry on a cake. It is the way to create a blast in this function.

⮚ Water fight: If someone is preparing for a pool party then don’t forget to introduce this fight. Arrange the members and have a great fight with water balloons and water guns. This will turn the function into a laughter session and will have great happy chaos.

⮚ Holi party: The song Cutie Pie from the movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” will give us an authentic idea of how we can celebrate. It does not need to be full of gulals but can be full of beautiful petals which will make the environment happy. This will encourage people and will make the pictures even greater.

⮚ Eating Golgappa contest: This is a unique and fun having game. Everyone knows that how people get excited while talking about golgappa. With the contest beside them, all will jump on to win that. The last man standing in the contest wins the game.

⮚ Ring the gift: It is an interesting game for a lower age group. They will try to put the ring over the gifts. They might miss sometimes but they will have a great time. Sometimes the elders also try to win the exciting prizes kept there.

⮚ Hit the balloon: Everyone tries to show off himself. This is the best way to get them at the top. If someone hits the balloon, he/she will try to show off that he/she is the best and when one misses then others start to laugh at them which makes even more exciting.

⮚ Bowling with a can: We might have played bowling somewhere but with cans might sound interesting. A pillar of cans have to be knocked down with a can from a distance. This needs concentration but creates excitement too. In fact, it will attract the members for entertainment and might forget about food too.

⮚ Dumb Charades: One of the evergreen Mehendi games especially for girls to play. Everyone will try to put their hands in this game as age doesn’t matter.

⮚ A fun Photo-booth: Thinking differently makes the function more interesting. It is an interesting way to add a little quirk into the celebration. Imagine about London photo booth sets and many more. Having these photos with you will make you happy and make others too.

All we need to have is entertainment. It is an important element for having a successful party. You might arrange for some jam sessions or karaoke contests for the guests. It would be more exciting if this karaoke contest takes place between the bride and groom’s side. Everyone wants to memorize these moments as the bride leave their home to live in their in-law’s house. So it becomes very hard for them. It becomes very emotional when we talk about the Bidayi ritual. The bride’s family and even the groom’s family gets very emotional. So to keep the happiness across the environment it is very much required to arrange those games which will change the environment at least for some moment. The above are those funny but exciting games which one can arrange in their ceremony. These will insist on each and everyone participate and become stress-free while playing. As we know that these occasions are the memorable ones, so to make them more memorable and to have a great get together we need to have these games. In fact, these games will bring everyone closer and the pictures taken will be full of big smiles.