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Almass Events & Hospitality Management Company offers multidisciplinary services across India. The hospitality that could leave a big impact on your guests. Agreed that you cannot take care of everything and that’s where one of the leading event management companies in Jaipur-The Almas weddings come into play. As an event and wedding planner company, we understand that any loopholes in hospitality could leave your guests disappointed. Hence, we take care of everything right from the hotel bookings to transportation and welcoming guests to solve all your hospitality woes. All our on-the-point arrangements would not just make your guests happy, they would let you enjoy your wedding without any fuss.

What all do we offer?

Our experienced team always strive to make every wedding a memorable one for the couple and their guests. We ensure that all your guests feel welcomed with great services even when you are busy in enjoying each moment of your wedding. We cater to a whole range of hospitality and guest management needs that includes:

1.Booking best accommodation for all your out-station guests according to your budget.

2.We take care of all the convenience of your guests.

3.We offer professional hosts and hostesses at hotels to make your guests feel comfortable.

4.We offer a help desk at Airport/Railway station

5.We take care of pick and drop of your guests from their arriving point.

6.We ensure innovative ideas to greet and welcome the guests.

In short, we take care of all your logistics and hospitality arrangements for you to enjoy your special day all the way more.
Solemnised in the presence of all the loved ones, Indian weddings are grand and elaborate celebrations often lasting an average of 3-5 days. All the couples want their wedding to be a memorable event for everyone but, somehow forget to focus on small things. Indeed, we are talking about the important aspect of any wedding-the.

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