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Professional Wedding Photographer Services


Weddings today are more of a photo opportunity than just being a marriage. In fact the photographer direct the entire sequence from the start to the finish. Wedding albums are becoming more and more decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colors.

But more than the selection of a right album it’s imperative to select the right photographer.

We lay emphasis on:

1. Interviewing photographers and negotiating with them to get the best out of them.

2. Coordinating and organizing outdoor shoot for the couple.

3. Giving them the list of ceremonies to be covered and sequence of events.

4. Coordination with photographer in terms of settings, editing, background music, backdrops, special effects, digital mixing and lighting.

5. Selection of photographs, albums and coordinating with them.

6. Suggestions on special effects on videotaping.

7. Portfolio shoots of family members.

8. Wedding video like a movie to be given as a gift to guests.

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