Marriage is one of such important events where every family member meets for a get-together, having fun and many more. Especially marriage in India follows some rituals which itself have great importance and fun too. Each ceremony has its own cultural relevance and significance. Weddings in India vary place to place, region wise. Hindu have their own rituals, Sikh has their own and many more. Everyone has their favorite ones but maximum will agree that Mehendi is the most exciting and fun having function where women singing folk songs, dancing and enjoying themselves.

Mehendi is a ceremonial art in the wedding specially. Each ritual of an Indian wedding not only have a cultural reference but also have a scientific reason too. In the case of Mehendi, scientifically Mehendi has the cooling property. So when it is applied to the arms and legs, it makes the person stress free and makes them happy despite having so much crazy wedding preparations. Culturally it is a part of the “solah shringaar” of the bride and a sign of good look. Even the groom is supposed to find his initials or his name that has been hidden in the bride’s mehendi. The faster it takes the more understanding will be there between them. Even other women of the family get the mehendi on their hands depending on their preferences which are also a sign of celebration.

Previously, this Mehendi function was limited to the women but nowadays the trends are changing. Both the bride and groom’s family take part and celebrate it with both men and women in attendance. Since all of the family members take part, so it becomes an important asset for everyone to be entertained with different ideas like playing different fun games, dancing, singing and many more. There are really some fun activities that are trending with new ideas and will make your Mehendi more fun. ⮚ Antakshari: From kids to elders, each and everyone loves this game equally. The moment when a group of people meets, the first thing that comes in mind to play is antakshari. Many might not be a good singer but that will be even more interesting. These sangeet games for audience games for Mehendi function makes more entertained. These games make excitement about the songs, the singing voice everything.

⮚ Pass the pillow or Truth or Dare: This is one of those games in which each and everyone tries to make fun of others. Whether it is a dance task or telling any truth everything becomes very exciting. This game became famous after Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit starring film “Hum Apke Hain Kaun”. Every participant tries not to have their chance but more than that they participate to have some fun and entertainment.

⮚ Tug of war: This game defines which side is stronger. Only that is needed is a long rope, which is being held by either side. The best experience would be when one side would be of the bride’s family and the other one would be the groom’s one. Make a video of that for future entertainment. Even the group boys and a group of girls makes it more exciting. These create a lot of laughter, fun and happy chaos.

⮚ Musical chair: The name itself says what type of game it would be. All we need is to have some bumper gifts to make it more exciting and crowd-attracting one. Sometimes, one tries to injure others by pushing them. This gives them a better chance to sit in the chairs when the music stops. Round by round the chair gets decrease one by one and at last the winner gets an appreciation for his/her win.

⮚ Sack race: With this game, everyone will remind their childhood days. All is needed some sack, wear it and get ready for a great laughter show. Sometimes the sack gets a hole from the bottom which makes the environment even more laughable. Some gets fall down and some tries to go forward. These scenes make the function more memorable.

⮚ Lemon with a Spoon Race: Some bumper gifts are the things which will make these races or games more interesting ones. For a function like Mehendi, lemon with a spoon race acts as a cherry on a cake. It is the way to create a blast in this function.

⮚ Water fight: If someone is preparing for a pool party then don’t forget to introduce this fight. Arrange the members and have a great fight with water balloons and water guns. This will turn the function into a laughter session and will have great happy chaos.

⮚ Holi party: The song Cutie Pie from the movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” will give us an authentic idea of how we can celebrate. It does not need to be full of gulals but can be full of beautiful petals which will make the environment happy. This will encourage people and will make the pictures even greater.

⮚ Eating Golgappa contest: This is a unique and fun having game. Everyone knows that how people get excited while talking about golgappa. With the contest beside them, all will jump on to win that. The last man standing in the contest wins the game.

⮚ Ring the gift: It is an interesting game for a lower age group. They will try to put the ring over the gifts. They might miss sometimes but they will have a great time. Sometimes the elders also try to win the exciting prizes kept there.

⮚ Hit the balloon: Everyone tries to show off himself. This is the best way to get them at the top. If someone hits the balloon, he/she will try to show off that he/she is the best and when one misses then others start to laugh at them which makes even more exciting.

⮚ Bowling with a can: We might have played bowling somewhere but with cans might sound interesting. A pillar of cans have to be knocked down with a can from a distance. This needs concentration but creates excitement too. In fact, it will attract the members for entertainment and might forget about food too.

⮚ Dumb Charades: One of the evergreen Mehendi games especially for girls to play. Everyone will try to put their hands in this game as age doesn’t matter.

⮚ A fun Photo-booth: Thinking differently makes the function more interesting. It is an interesting way to add a little quirk into the celebration. Imagine about London photo booth sets and many more. Having these photos with you will make you happy and make others too.

All we need to have is entertainment. It is an important element for having a successful party. You might arrange for some jam sessions or karaoke contests for the guests. It would be more exciting if this karaoke contest takes place between the bride and groom’s side. Everyone wants to memorize these moments as the bride leave their home to live in their in-law’s house. So it becomes very hard for them. It becomes very emotional when we talk about the Bidayi ritual. The bride’s family and even the groom’s family gets very emotional. So to keep the happiness across the environment it is very much required to arrange those games which will change the environment at least for some moment. The above are those funny but exciting games which one can arrange in their ceremony. These will insist on each and everyone participate and become stress-free while playing. As we know that these occasions are the memorable ones, so to make them more memorable and to have a great get together we need to have these games. In fact, these games will bring everyone closer and the pictures taken will be full of big smiles.

Top 17 wedding mehendi artist in Jaipur.

Mehendi is a part of our tradition and culture and is done with a lot of love. It has a very important role in any Indian wedding. It has so much value that a separate ceremony is organized for it. The bride's look is incomplete without a Mehendi in Indian tradition and culture. Bridal Mehendi artist in Jaipur brings you the most creative designs who can carve a beautiful design on your hand perfectly. No one can imagine a wedding ceremony without mehendi. There are people who fantasize about the intricate and beautiful Jaipuri mehendi designs for hands. Here we provide the top listen designer in Jaipur with their location.

1. Shilpa Mehendi Art

Applying mehendi on the hands of a bride is a privileged work as you are making the most important day of her life by helping her look much more beautiful. Shilpa Mehendi Art gives unforgettable experience with complete dedication towards work, since their establishment in 2001. They have around 20 members in their group offering- bridal, designer and traditional mehendi. 2. Meenu Mehendi Art Meenu Mehendi Art specializes in bridal Mehendi and non- bridal mehendi. Getting mehendi applied can get very tiresome for the bride, due to sitting in one place for a too long time while the Mehendi is being applied. But the wait is worth it, as they apply quick and perfect Mehendi at a price of Rs. 5100

3. Seema Mehendi Art

Seema Mehendi Art brings the most creative designs at your doorstep. Their team of experienced designer fulfill all expectations and carve out their creative designs on the hands and feet. With their exclusive contemporary designs and exotic patterns with the finest details, they have been winning hearts of their customers with just a starting package price of Rs. 5100.

4. Sitaram Mehendi Art

They are the leading mehendi designers and provide mehendi services at home. They often a variety of style in bridal package including graphic style, typical Bohra style or other regional styles. They are based in Jaipur and are willing to travel, with 40% of the package which starts at Rs. 5000 to be paid at the time of booking.

5. Dastoor Mehendi Artist

They are based in Jaipur and have been serving for more than 10 years, with a group of pro-Mehendi artists having a wide range of experience and skills. Dastoor Mehendi artist has even established a physical store for convenience.

6. Rakesh Mehendi Art

Based in Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur. They offer home services. He gives first priority to his clients while giving the best services possible. He offers different types and styles of bridal packs.

7. Jaipuri Mehendi Art

They are the leading Mehendi artist with a unique creative skill and years of experience. Specializes in intricate ethnic, bridal and contemporary designs along with exotic patterns, they have a starting package of Rs. 5100. Based in Jaipur, they also provide home services during wedding ceremonies.

8. Reena Mehendi Designer

At Reena Mehendi services, you will get flawless mehendi art. Being a leading mehendi designer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, she is a sought artist all throughout the city. Being very popular for her customized Jaipuri designs for bride's, she provides full priority and importance to her customers.

9. Anil- Jaipuri Mehendi Designer

Anil based in Malviya Nagar in Jaipur has more than a decade of experience in providing beautiful and intricate bridal mehendi designs. At a very affordable price, they apply their ability and creativity to carve out beautiful ethnic, traditional as well as contemporary styles.

10. SK Mehendi Designs

SK Mehendi Art provides patterns which are extremely unique with their creativity and experience of several years of work. They make sure to help you stand out among all. With a wide range of bridal packs including the typical Bohra style, their Mehendi artist prices are affordable and can be hired easily.

11. Shalu Mehendi Artist

Based in Sodala Jaipur, Shalu is a professional designer offering traditional bridal designs, contemporary patterns or Indian designs with great intricacy and perfection in the work. They fulfill your expectations with their creativity and skill, which they use to carve out beautiful patterns on hands and feet.

12. Hema Mehendi designer

She is famous for her personalized designs instead of the typical flowers and leaves. She believes that mehendi expresses the emotions of a bride. She is the best artist for anyone who is looking for something unique and customized. This wedding season you can go for Mehendi booking online

13. Bheemraj Mehendi designer

Based in Jaipur, Bheemraj is known for his personalized designs. They provide packages which are highly affordable along with high-class Mehendi designs for the hands and legs. They provide all kinds of Mehendi styles be it bridal, contemporary or modern and Arabic.

14. Komal Mehendi artist

Komal Mehendi artist has gained a lot of popularity among the people of Jaipur. He has gained popularity with his intricate designing and his love for the finer details. He does not use any books instead creates designs completely himself which makes every design of his a unique one.

15. Rajendra Mehendi artist

Rajendra is a specialist in bridal mehendi based in Jaipur. The bride simply needs to mention the kind of designs and theme she requires and it is provided by him with perfection. His designs are carefully thought and created with the finest details.

16. Vishnu Gupta Mehendi artist

Based in Jaipur, his packages start from Rs. 5100. His work is extremely famous among the people of Jaipur due to his intricate and unique designs. He provides customized designs to every bride according to her preferences about the kind of style and theme that she requires.

17. Expectations- Mehendi designers

At Expectations, the designers try new trends every now and then. Their Jaipur based teamwork with creative designs and artistic creations. Their designers are famous for their experiments in order to sync with the latest trends. Their package starts from Rs.11000 and they work on all kinds of contemporary, bridal and modern designs.

Top 20 Destination Wedding Venues in Jaipur

Are you worry about wedding venue? Awarded wedding planner in Jaipur sharing venue experience for you marriage destination.  Getting married is one of the most momentous days of everyone’s life and it should be perfectly planned. So, why not ditch all the stress of planning and book a destination wedding where you and your future spouse sit back and relax, and supervise the host.  A wedding destination in Jaipur is a perfect plan for your wedding but the location matters a lot. If you are dreaming for traditional as well as Destination wedding then, a wedding venue in Jaipur is always a favourite place. There are many reasons to choose the pink city, Jaipur.

Rajasthan is very famous for “Padaro mature desh”, means the hospitality and the royal welcome offered by the hotel with welcome with tilak, safe and music will leave you amazed. Hotel management has a skilled and experienced wedding planner that takes care of your royal feeling for which you are dreaming about your wedding in Jaipur. Wedding venues in Jaipur are specially designed for weeding with all facilities available. Feel like a king and queen, get married in royal city Jaipur. Let’s discuss the above-mentioned reason on details reasons:

Jaipur Venue –

There are many places in Jaipur which can be rented for destination weddings. This hotel provides with a large number of attendees and provides your guests with the opportunity to check out the palaces in greater details. These venues are absolutely gorgeous and Jaipur offers ample choices to choose the perfect one according to your budget and design.

Special Food –

Hotels in Jaipur offer multi-cuisine breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buffet. Quite obvious that when we are planning for a destination wedding, all of us want to serve manifold cuisines including Continental, North Indian, Rajasthani, and Mughlai. Almost every hotel in Jaipur serves you with experienced chefs for each cuisine. Opt this royal city as your destination wedding and Let your invitees lick their plates.

Location (Transportation)

Jaipur is one of the well-connected cities in India, even if your guests are coming from foreign. Almost all international airlines are directly linked to Jaipur. The domestic flights are also available, as Jaipur is a popular tourist destination. So, your guests will not face any problem in reaching the location.

Wedding Decor and Catering

Wedding planner at Jaipur perfectly matches the mood, the food, and the budget for a destination wedding as they have the best ideas to make your wedding event memorable.

On this same note, you will find a good caterer which are extremely well trained, presentable and fluent in English and know all the protocols. If there isa foreigner, you can hire the local workforce.

The mentioned below are the best place for your destination wedding. By opting this place you can add the unforgettable glimpses of joy and love to your life. These places make your special day more special as well as memorable

  1. Chomu Palace:
    Chomu Palace - Almas weddings

    Ideally the top wedding venue, Chomu Palace hold the most memorable celebration which doubles the importance of his place. Heritage hotel is featured with everything you are looking for your dream wedding. Be assured about all the pre-wedding and D-Day arrangements by booking this heritage. The palace in the whole is divided into 7 parts described below:

    • Darbar Hall:

      Darbar Hall is featured with Rajput Mughal style architecture, frescoed walls, the long corridors, and striking audience halls. The seating capacity of the amazing place is 75 to 100 approximately. Add the glimpses of joy to your destination by opting the wonderful Darbar Hall.

    • Moti Mahal:
      wedding planner

      This amazing place is richly painted with scenes from flora, fauna and Indian mythology. Moti Mahal is fenced by a swimming pool, two lush green gardens, water body, and few fountains. This wonderful place can accommodate up to 500-700 people approximately. If you are planning your wedding in the lap nature then the Moti Mahal is the best pick for you.

    • Manohar Garden:
      manohar-garden- Almas Wedding

      The main entrance of wonderful, Manohar Bagh lies the main lawns, water channels and with amazing designed fountains. The area is bordered by fort wall right from the middle of the central pavilion to the main entrance. This place is best suitable for large gatherings up to 700-1000 people. Same like Moti Mahal this is also best for destination wedding those who are fond of nature.

    • Janana Courtyard:
      janana courtyard

      Janana Courtyard is one of the best places for ladies function as the venue is surrounded by rooms and decorated with fairy lights.  The place can accommodate up to 25-40 people so it is best suitable for small functions such as pre or post-wedding party.

    • Main Courtyard:
      main-courtyard almas wedding

      Richly painted with scenes from architectural beauty flora and fauna and Indian mythology. The Seating Capacity of the amazing Main courtyard is 500-700 approximately.

    • Swimming Pool Baradari:

      This venue is featured with the swimming pool which makes the ambience more interesting and romantic. Sit down candlelit dinners is the best service offered by this place and the seating capacity 200 people approximately.

    • Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors):
      sheesh-mahal Almas weddings

      Intricately elaborated by the jewelers who have done the wonderful works with mirror and gold paintings. This area is best suitable for the welcome cocktails and the accommodation of this place is 75-100 approximately.

  1. Le Meridien

    Astonishing, Le Meridien in Jaipur is the perfect location for weddings and nothing can domineer this fact. This strategically located place offers an excellent location as well as extreme services.  The hotel offers amazing banquet areas like:

    • Diwan-E-Khas

      It is the best suitable area offered by the hotel for engagements or pre-wedding ceremonies.

      Diwan-E-Khas-Almas Weddings

    • Amer Ballroom

      The perfect place for sangeet nights or reception parties. For serving more people, both the areas are merged by the hotel community.

      le-meridien-Amer Ballroom Almas Weddings

    • Mandap pool:

      The perfect embellish a setup of mandap by the pool, make your wedding more special and memorable. Apart from the decoration and accommodation, the excellent and affordable buffet options are also offered by the in-house caterers and the foremost point the menu can be personalized as per preferences.

  1. Jai Mahal Palace
    The Indo-Saracenic architectural masterpiece, Jai Mahal Palace is the perfect location for your dream wedding in Jaipur. This heritage property is owned by Taj group of hotels and it comprises of six different venues which offer superlative arrangements to make your special day more special. From the pre-events to the main day ceremonies all are hosted by the hotel so you can enjoy hassle-free. Here are the details of the venue offered by this heritage:

    • Celebration Lawns:
      This cherished outdoor venue is the perfect location for private gatherings and team-building activities. The accommodation of this place is up to 40 seats.
    • Durbar Hall:
      This hall is featured with ambient natural light which makes it an ideal place for celebrations and the seating Capacity is 150 people.
    • Fountain Lawns:
      These lawns have flowerbeds, pavilions and stone paths. The Seating Capacity of this location is 500 people.
    • Lotus Pond:
      This is the romantic venue featured with glorious pond blooming with lovely lotuses with the seating Capacity is 100 people.
    • Palace Lawns:
      The perfect place for large gatherings and this place can accommodate up to 3000 people.
    • Poolside Lawns:
      The well-manicured lawns by the poolside add casual sophistication to the venue. The seating Capacity is 500 people.
  1. Lebua Resort
    Lebua is one of the popular places to host the marriage in Jaipur. Featured with the regal look and state-of-the-art facilities, it is ideal for getting. This hotel indoor as well as outdoor venues to host weddings and their guests. By opting this place you need to worry about the hospitality and services. Right from grand reception,the guests are settled at their intricately detailed latticework lobby where every ceremony and celebration held. Dining venues embrace Vajra Restaurant or Chakra Bar, here all the cocktails are arranged.Lebua offers the chance to the bridegroom and bride to pamper themselves with superior treatments at the Spa by L’Occitane and massages that combine herbal aromasand flower essences.
  1. Raj Palace
    If you are planning the royal wedding in Jaipur, Raj Palace is a perfect location for this. It is expected at this architectural masterpiece havea verystrong historical connection with fairy tales. This is the perfect place for exchanging vows against the palatial backdrop to celebrating this special event with loved ones. This beautiful place offers a brilliant arrangement of horses, elephants and camels processions including performances by puppeteers and Kalbeliyas, local folk musicians and dancers. Also, enjoy cultured cocktails and other pre-wedding ceremonies this traditional place.
  1. Shahpura Haveli
    Shahpura Haveli is the best wedding venue in Jaipur which offers state-of-the-art facilities and unforgettable host services. This heritage property is conscious about the environment as there is an eco-friendly heritage hotel that pays extra attention to traditional eco-friendly practices and carbon footprints. The hotel works on the strict policies for electricity and water conservation so they use of environment-friendly materials as deliver the great quality of hospitality. Hosting pre-wedding events and wedding ceremonies at this place is truly matchless.
  1. Alisisar Mahal
    With splendid interior, magnificent architecture, gorgeous backdrop medieval Rajasthani motifs, Alisisar Mahal invite the people who are seeking to host a royal wedding in Jaipur. The sprawling paved courtyards with quaint lawns and array of trees provide this heritage hotel in Jaipur the best place for the royal wedding. The place is so well decorated for the special occasion of wedding, the guests fall in love with this place. Alsisar offers indoor as well as outdoor venue and the banquet hall can accommodate 120 people, the lawn has 1000 seats for the people.
  1. Park Inn
    The 4-star property, Part Inn is an ideal place for the celebration of the biggest day of your life, wedding. Park Inn provides grander services at very decent rates so that without splurging you can host a royal style grand wedding party in Jaipur. This up-to-date hotel ensures that your special day becomes pleasingly unforgettable and along with that you receive positive compliments from the guests.
  1. Crowne Plaza
    Crowne Plaza is one of the premium venues for the destination wedding in Jaipur. The venue is featured with few spacious banquet halls and a lawn. The lawn area and the ballroom are clubbed for a large group of guests at your grand wedding. The venue offers the guests with accommodation facilities for their convenience and the in-house catering service ensures that the food served is cherished by one and all. There is ample parking facility for guests at the venue and all the hosting is done by the hotel community only.
  1. Gold Palace
    Your search for a wedding place in Jaipur ends here as Gold Palace boast is the large venues for a royal wedding in the royal city, Jaipur. This palace promises to provide you with a luxury wedding in Jaipur which will be unforgettable. The place is featured with separate venues for pre and post wedding events and the skilled staff with a smile ensure that all the event to end with perfection. The state-of-the-art services, a royal backdrop, warm ambience and delicious food is what one should expect at this amazing place, Gold Palace.
  1. ITC Rajputana
    If you want to host your destination wedding at the city’s glitterati, ITC Rajputana is the great choice to get married in Jaipur. With the heartiest welcome, choice of adaptable function venues and the fine hospitality of the hotel make your dream of a fairy-tale wedding true. You can trust them for their excellent and hasty services, timely beneficial suggestions, savoury food and warm hospitality.
  1. Shiv Vilas
    Shiv Vilas is truly a secluded paradise for destination weddings in Jaipur, as it featured with a whitewashed palace and pretty cottages, picture-perfect gardens and sun-dappled passageways. This place is the perfect blend of romance and grandeur. It is undeniably one of the most gorgeous wedding destinations in Jaipur. Add the unforgettable glimpses of love and joy by picking up this place as your destination wedding.
  1. Hotel Mansingh Palace
    If you are looking for the perfect settingfor your wedding, it is very rare to find a beautiful location as the Mansingh Palace. The palace hotel not only hosts the wedding they understandthe weddings that all the event on this day are very important and need a lot of attention. By booking the Hotel Mansingh Palace you can be assured that each of the events will be arranged with perfection and balminess. The skilled and hospitable staff ensures the homily feeling right from your arrival. At this place, the wedding is celebrated with the combination of Indian tradition with the modern facilities of a luxury hotel. The brilliant infrastructure adds magnificence moment to all your special day.
  1. Jaipur Marriott Hotel
    Jaipur Marriott is the most elegant marriage halls and getting hitched here is the best decisions you made for your special day. The boutique hotel provides you with the certified planners that happily assist you in organizing your destination wedding. The hotel is featured two large wedding venues that can accommodate up to 1,500 guests for unforgettable receptions. The halls are the perfect place for accommodating grand galas and erudite cocktail parties. If you are planning for the vegetarian wedding, the hotel also has comestibles for it and provide you with the separate on-site kitchen facility.
  1. Clarks, Amer
    Clarks, Amer is the best place where you can sit back and relax or just supervise the entire event. Clarks has dedicated and skilled hotel staff that to ensure that your every guest received well, allotted the room with all the conveniences, each wedding ceremonial is prearranged as desired by you and your family, food and beverage are assisted appropriate and all the things fall in place. The hotel has two inconceivable venues which are ideal for all the wedding events. All the events are done on time and with precision at Clarks as well. If you just want to enjoy your wedding then Clarks, Amer is the best pick for you.
  1. Fairmont
    Indeed Fairmont is the perfect pick when you are thinking to host a class apart wedding Jaipur. The hotel along with the traditional luxury wedding also offered you with the themed wedding which is more interesting and hassle-free. If you want to make your make your special day more special then book the Fairmont, sit back and watch them pull off a grand celebration for you and your guest.
  1. Rambagh Palace
    Another association of Taj hotels, Rambagh Palace is the best venue to get married in Jaipur. Slumped in 47 acres of tranquil, landscaped gardens, Rambagh Palace is royal palace residence, and thus it displays elegance and the majestic feel. Tying a knot here is the best thing that one can ever think off. If budget is not a constraint then there is no better place to fulfil your dream of a royaland traditional wedding. The palace hotel is featured with 10 major pre-wedding and D-day venues, below they are in brief:

    • Jaigarh Hall:
      Jaigarh is the biggest hall which is ideal for grand receptions and the seating Capacity is 300 people.
    • Kesarbagh:
      This glorious garden is a perfect place for the elegant wedding and this place can accommodate up to 1000 people.
    • Mubarak Mahal:
      This meeting room is featured with Rajput decor and marble columns bedeck and the Maximum accommodation of this place is 20 people. This place is best for small family functions.
    • Mughal Garden:
      Enjoy your special days under twinkling lights at Mughal Garden. The Maximum Capacity of this place is 300 people.
    • Mughal Terrace:
      This imperial terrace offers breath-taking views and add sun forgettable memories to your special days. The maximum Capacity is 200 people.
    • Naksha Garden:
      Naksha Garden is the largest garden is recommended for milestone events. This place is best suitable for the large event as the maximum Capacity is 2000 people.
    • Oriental Garden:
      The hotel adds the unforgettable previews of mystic, eastern charm. The maximum accommodation of this place is up to 250 people.
    • Oriental Terrace:
      The Exquisite night views of this place offer you with the magical event and the maximum Capacity is 50 people. This place is best for the cocktail party and starters.
    • Panghat Lawn:
      Panghat is also known as the rustic village, has set up of the arena. The maximum accommodation is 350 people.
    • Sunken Lawn:
      This luxurious venue offers unforgettable wedding memories. The Maximum Capacity of this luxurious place is 200 people.
  1. Pride Amber Villas Resort
    If you are planning for an unforgettable wedding then Pride Amber Vilas is one of the best places you go for. Along with spacious lawns and banquet halls, the resort offers special royal treatment to the guest. The resort ensures that all the wedding events from Sagai to Vidai are arranged well and become memorable. Amber Villas is a spacious hall and expertise in hosting that is a fact you should cast all your worries on them and enjoy a special destination wedding.The wedding events such as ring ceremony are arranged at the resort’s banquet halls while the main event is organised at the Central lawn. The capacity to host is up to 3000 guests. The in-house catering offersthe finest cooks and the chef to make sure that your wedding compliment. The decoration di featured with floral fireworks, decoration, lighting, transportation, horses or elephants as well as folk dance event is the special arrangement for the Vidai ceremony and other wedding events.
  1. The Lalit This sophisticated wedding venue in the royal city offers an amazing framework fora special day. There are multiple venues for the events including the intimate venues, Crystal Ballroom, Quorum, and the landscaped Party Lawn for outdoor events. The Lalit is a combo package for what you are dreaming for your special day. Here is the list of the venues at the Lalit, Jaipur:
    • Crystal Ballroom:
      Immersed in luxury and sophistication, the pillar less ballroom is highly recommended for the pre-function area such as the opening on to the party. The ballroom is further partitioned into two separate halls. Personalized banquet menus are crafted by the chefs which are perfect for corporate events, conferences, seminars, product launches private parties, weddings, and many more.
    • Central Courtyard:
      Central Courtyard is Visible from the lobby, restaurant and rooms and featured with water body where local folk dancers, musical jugalbandi and traditional performances are held during the evening. This superb space is also a wonderful place for the Indian wedding rituals like ring ceremony, Pheras, Mehndi and more.
    • Party Lawn:
      This landscaped garden, Party Lawn connecting the Crystal Ballroom is an ideal location for cocktail receptions or buffet-style dinners. Accommodation of this place is 300 to 1,500 guests.
  1. Samode Palace Samode Palace is well known for adding regality to your tailor-made wedding plans. Samode is the best historic sites for your dream wedding in royal city Jaipur. The palace offers a splendid backdrop for traditional weddings and positively light up the mood of family and guest with their extreme services and amenities. Apart from the restaurant and Deck, Samode is featured with the following venues:
    • Darbar Hall:
      Darbar Hall is featured with the perfect Rajput Mughal style of architecture, frescoed walls, the stately corridors, and ethereal audience halls melodiously reflect the skill and hard work of the of master craftsmen. The accommodation of this place is 100-150 persons and floor set up with mattress.
    • Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors):
      Hall of mirror Sheesh Mahal isembroidered by the attractive craftsmanship of jewelers who have created wonders design with mirror, which can be used for the welcome cocktails in the evenings.
    • Sultan Mahal:
      The upper level of the sultan Mahal is richly painted with scenes from Indian mythology, flora and fauna.
    • Durbar Hall Terrace:
      Pool facing terrace, Durbar Hall is located just outside and surrounded by Aravali Hills and can accommodate up to 250-350 person.
    • Roof Top:
      The rooftop is a fashionable venue surrounded by the mountains and decked with fairy lights all over the fort. This place can accommodate up to 100-150 person.
    • Swimming Pool Deck:
      Mountain facing with a lily pond is the perfect date place and the candlelit dinner. The seating capacity of this romantic place is up to 60 people.
    • Mughal Gardens at Samode Bagh:
      Samode Bagh lies at the main entrance of the lawns, featured with fountains in the pathways and water channels flowing right from the middle to the main entrance of Bagh. This place highly suggested for large gatherings of 650-1500 person.
    • Infinity Pool:
      Beautiful location, Infinity surrounded by the Aravali hills and possibly the best place for a lovely romantic candlelight dinner.Every one of us is very excited about our wedding, Think! If you get the chance to sit back relax and enjoy your wedding, yes this possible by arranging the destination wedding at Jaipur. The above mentioned are some places in Jaipur where you can plan your wedding as all these places offer extreme hospitality and all the wedding event are planned by the hotel community.

A Stately Affair – Sana Adel’s Cruise Wedding

Start Cast:: Malaika Arora, Dia Mirza, Shilpa Shetty…

Address:: Barcelona, Marseille, Cannes & Savona

Dummy text: Its function as a filler or as a tool for comparing the visual impression of different typefaces

Dummy text is text that is used in the publishing industry or by web designers to occupy the space which will later be filled with ‘real’ content. This is required when, for example, the final text is not yet available. Dummy text is also known as ‘fill text’. It is said that song composers of the past used dummy texts as lyrics when writing melodies in order to have a ‘ready-made’ text to sing with the melody. Dummy texts have been in use by typesetters since the 16th century.

Almas Wedding Events Explore Cities And Venues Of Malta For This Gorgeous 3-Day Wedding

Welcome Dinner – Set by the beach, this Welcome Dinner was an absolute success in kickstarting the celebrations. This glorious dinner witnessed an amalgamation of splendid acts by some of the best artistes across Europe such as a Fire Act, a saxophonist and an instrumental band.