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Professional Wedding Planner & Event Management Company In jaipur

The wedding is a gorgeous relation that can’t be described in any language. It’s a lively dream of every individual that gets engraved when they meet their better half. Adoring is the cutest thing, but ever thought all this can be a BIG job i.e. everything starting from wedding cards to not ending up on anything specifically. If you are taking up all these duties, then how will you entertain your guests and relatives; you can’t afford to make them upset on such a blessed day. Taking care of all this ‘ALMAS WEDDING’ was born with the magic wand of rescuing all the wedding preparation problems.

Sugar, Spicy Tadka and everything nice are what We “Professional Wedding Planner In Jaipur” give to their beautiful would be couple! We are the Powerpuff team in jaipur of everything you are looking like : Photographer, Invitation , Hospitality, Anchor, Catering, Bridal Makeup in any type of events. These qualities makes us the best wedding planner company in jaipur. Contact now for event management, wedding management, destination wedding and many more.

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Invitation not just only invites the guests but also gives them a little preview, a peep into what a wedding might look like. these invitation give helps you give away the bundle of joy that you have, making sure that your that the dear and near ones. They prove to be first and foremost step for the events to unfold as you begin prepari....


Choose the best event management company for awesome hospitality! Hospitality that could leave a big impact on your guests. Agreed that you cannot take care of everything and that’s where one of the leading event management companies in Jaipur-The Almas weddings come into play. As an event and wedding planner company, we u....


   Planning weddings can be stressful. Making transportation arrangements for not only you and your fiance, but your respective families and guests is time consuming and the last thing you want to worry about on your very big day. That's why we're here. We know the most important thing when it comes to wedding planning an....


“For I never saw true beauty till this night” First impression is the last impression and Looks are the first that reaches the eyes of the beholders and creates an impeccable impression. That’s the beauty we create. We believe in making your surrounding look like a dream land, a place turned into something so spe....


Weddings in India are not just about two people getting married and being of each other forever, It’s much more than that. Indian weddings are known for their over the top celebration and grandness. Right from music, dance and unmatchable drama. So this time let’s focus on the dancing part particularly. When you dance in ....

Varmala Concept

Water Fountain Varmala Concept No to hydraulic No to crane No to dancers… yes!! Because we are introducing latest and game changer of jaimala industry, The Water Fountain. We make the combination of Flower, Candle and Fountain to maintain its the natural and more glance. Candle Pyramid Jaimala Theme last season we created Pa....


 Weddings today are more of a photo opportunity than just being a marriage. In fact the photographer direct the entire sequence from the start to the finish. Wedding albums are becoming more and more decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colors.  But more than the selection of a right album it's imperativ....

Venue Selection

We would find the perfect Indian wedding location for your wedding. The venue should be such that it blends well with all of your requirements at one glance itself. Even you can choose wedding destination in India or any romantic place in abroad on your own also. Selection of right wedding venue is the biggest decision apart from fin....

Bridal Makeup

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance on that particular day. Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. It’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin tone. Though Indian bridal make up is a bit gorgeous with red a....


As one of the leading wedding planning specialists,Almas Weddings has built a good reputation for organizing and operationally executing weddings in and outside Rajasthan. We have the most competent Event Managers to ensure the logistics of your wedding day are perfect. Our Event Managers can create and execute exactly what you env....


The greatest events of the world take place in the brain, where they are conceived

Almas Wedddings has finally proven us wrong. We were pretty sure that the breakfast arrangements for baraat in train at Kota and Sawaimadhopu

Anand Jalan,Animesh Sarees, Surat

wedding planner

A sales call which is responded even in the midnight shows that how dedicated and efficient team you are dealing with. Actually I called Almas Wedd

Rakesh Goyal, Ramesh & Co. (Raymond Distributor), Rohtak

event management company in jaipur

Earlier also we have done our son’s wedding in Jaipur but this time we planned to go for a destination wedding. So in the lieu my daughter in law

Mukul Bhargava, Qatar, Middle East

wedding in rajasthan

If you want a team to act as your family members just hire Almas Weddings. When I was coming to India for the preparations of my daughter’s we

Poonam Mukul Bhargava, Qatar, Middle East

wedding planner in jaipur

A perfect blend of professionalism and sincerity is what I have felt for Almas Weddings. These guys are simply rocking. Whenever there is a wedding

Karan Daswani, United Kingdom

event management in jaipur

Thanks a lot Team Almas Weddings for making the most important event of my life so beautiful….. For tolerating all my tantrums and still calling

Dr. Munmun Amrit Kalla

wedding planer in jaipur

We appreciated Almas Weddings process-driven approach to wedding planning where they strongly believe in a note-taking, action-oriented, decision

Dr.K.N. Mutha(Deputy Superintendent) Ummed Govt. Hospital, Jodhpur.

wedding in jaipur
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